Essential Facts on the Need and Use of Criminal Records

Definition of Criminal Records

By simple definition, a criminal record is a person's record of criminal history or background. As is usually the case, a criminal record is a combination of federal, state and local individual information. What can be included in a criminal record are felonies, misdemeanors, pending charges and even acquitted charges. Expunged convictions, however, are mostly not included in a criminal record. Geographic location of the individual and the agency responsible for the collection and keeping of record are often considered as factors that affect the quality and quantity of the record. Learn more about this from the great resource .

Need for Criminal Records

There are a lot of organizations that might be in a need to lookup a person's criminal record like the DMV and US military to name a few. For these organizations to be able to access the record, they may need the consent of the person. But then, there is always an exemption to this rule. Other possible reasons for the criminal record lookup include, but are not limited to the following:

1. School Admittance
2. Employment
3. Entrance to Military Service
4. Acquisition of Security Clearance
5. Children Adoption
6. Visa Application
7. Immigration
8. International Travel
9. Licensing
10. Citizenship and Naturalization Purposes
11. Voter Registration
12. Law Enforcement Agendas As in Criminal Investigations

How to Access Criminal Record

Once you got a copy of your criminal record, you may want to retain a copied document for your own personal use. But it is to be understood that usually, accessing criminal records are not easy to do, as opposed to other kinds of public records. For government agencies, on the other hand, the access of these confidential records are a bit easier, as with the case with the military, justice department and law enforcement department. In some cases, these organizations have to ask for your consent before getting the authority to access your criminal record. At times, you may not give your consent to the access of your criminal record but usually, this will lead to you breaking the deal. Such is the situation with private universities, colleges and schools, firearms dealers and potential employers.

The access of a person's criminal record by the general public is sometimes a tricky thing. There are states that allow for the disclosure of the criminal record of a person but there are also some states that don't. So in this matter, you need to know the laws and rules that are implemented in your very own state. For more information, visit .